Neon Sculptures

The versatility of neon has allowed it to be widely utilised not only as an art form in signage, but within various other forms of art. Neon sculptures have enjoyed a resurgence in the last 10 years with many neon artworks now hanging in high profile galleries.

Luciano Fontana’s neon sculpture Strutta al neon per la 1X Triennale di Milano is still considered one of the most iconic neon pieces to date. The WA Art Gallery recently purchased “Great White Hope“ a piece by artist Brendan Van Hek. Like traditional art, neon art has also become a collector’s item with many pieces WLN has collaborated on now in private and corporate collections in WA, Sydney and Melbourne.

Neon also lends itself to use in multimedia. It can combine with steel, timber, ceramic or almost any other medium, to create modern and vibrant pieces of distinction.

At Write Light Neon, we welcome collaboration with other artists to produce these unique designs.

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